Wednesday 22 June 2016

Great Personalities:- Questions and Answers (Chapter-2)

16. Who invented Safety lamp?
(a) Alfred Nobel                               (b) William Ramsay
(c) Edison                                          (d) Humphrey Devy
Answer: (d)

17. Isac Newton who is famous for his discovery of Laws of gravitation and
three laws of motion, was born in:
(a) France                                              (b) Germany
(c) Spain                                                  (d) England
Answer: (d)

18. Who discovered steam engine?
(a) James Watt                                   (b) Daimler
(c) Chrystler                                      (d) Benz
Answer: (a)

19. Who wrote ‘Paradise Lost’?
(a) Shelly                                            (b) Keats
(c) John Milton                                 (d) Shakespeare
Answer: (c)

20. Who is known as the maid of orleans?
(a) Mother Theresa                        (b) Joan of Arc
(c) Cleopatra                                  (d) Florence Nightingale
Answer: (b)

21. Goathe was a/an ...... writer.
(a) Italian                                       (b) English
(c) German                                    (d) French
Answer: (c)

22. Who postulated Atomic Theory?
(a) Heisenberg                             (b) Neils Bohr
(c) Madam Curie                         (d) John Dalton
Answer: (d)

23. John Logie Baird invented:
(a) Computer                                    (b) Typewriter
(c) Gramophone                            (d) Television
Answer: (d)

24. The first Roman Catholic to become the US president:
(a) Theodore Roosevelt                     (b) Eisenhower
(c) FD Roosevelt                                  (d) John F Kennedy
Answer: (d)

25. Kamal Ataturk is regared as the builder of modern..........:
(a) Egypt                                             (b) Greece
(c) Turkey                                          (d) None of these

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